Welcome from the PrincipalPrincipal

As the Principal at Holy Rosary School, the beginning of the school year is my favorite time of year.   My anticipation of the new school year brings thoughts of new faces to Holy Rosary and continued relationships with our returning families. One of the reasons I enjoy working in a school is the opportunity to be a part of and observe the development of our children.  It is amazing to watch how they learn from the smallest of events; from the actions of others and from the words they hear.  Seeing this has made me realize that as a role model for these children we (parents, teachers, administrators, friends, & family) have an enormous responsibility to them.  They are learning how to live life by watching those around them.

One of the benefits of having our children in a Catholic School is the advantage of living and teaching our faith on a daily basis. The Catholic Church believes that the first teachers of the faith are a child’s parents and that the church works in partnership with the parents to teach the faith.  We can call upon God to help us teach our children what it means to build up the body of Christ.  We have the opportunity to use Jesus as the perfect example about how to live our lives.  Our children deserve to be given all the tools necessary to make wise decisions in life.  Two of the most valuable tools they can have are the teachings of Jesus and positive role models such as their parents and teachers.  At Holy Rosary School we work together with the parents to give the students these tools and help them to become men and women that will make us proud.  It is up to us to teach them by our words and by our actions and believe me they are watching and learning.

It is also our goal at Holy Rosary School to provide all students with an education that will prepare them to be successful in life; their life next year, five years from now and on into the distant future.  We are proud of all of our graduates from Holy Rosary School and what they have accomplished in their lives.  This type of success can only be achieved through hard work, cooperation, and dedication to their studies and to their faith.

Darren Mullis, Principal
Holy Rosary School


A true Holy Rosary man is an accurate description of Darren. Since the age of two, he has been attending mass at the Park Avenue Catholic Church and completed eight years of education from the school. In 1986, he graduated from CBHS and continued his education at the University of Tennessee-Martin, where he met his wife Betty Ann. He received his BS in Education and returned home to begin his new adventure at Holy Rosary. While serving as Youth Director, Director of Religious Education and teacher at Holy Rosary Mr. Mullis completed his Master of Arts in Religion from Memphis Theological Seminary. Also during this time he completed the Leadership Academy through the Education department of the Diocese of Memphis.  

In 2003, he was appointed the Principal of the Elementary School at Holy Rosary and continues to serve in that capacity. During that time, the school has adopted a text book renewal cycle, opened up a gifted program, received reaccreditation from SACS, expanded its preschool to include three year olds, added a Mother’s Day Out program, upgraded the science lab, added the Angel Program for children with autism and has installed new technology in the classrooms.  His spiritual journey continues at Holy Rosary with his family as parishioners of the church and his two daughters, Lucy and Maddia, attend the school. Sharing his religion and being a positive role model are his constant goals. The students of Holy Rosary are all gifts from God and Mr. Mullis is continuously seeking positive ways to serve them.