Holy Rosary School follows the curriculum established by the Catholic Diocese of Memphis.

“The mission of Catholic schools requires that each school provide
relevant, meaningful, and quality instruction, not only in the Catholic religion,
but also in all academic subjects.

Memphis Diocese Schools Profile

The Catholic schools in the
Diocese of Memphis, in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, are committed to quality education, in an environment of spiritual, intellectual and moral formation, in which faith, culture and life are brought into harmony.


A volunteer committee of principals was formed to establish curricular parameters.  Utilizing the research of professional educational organizations, the committee agreed on the following curricular guidelines. The curriculum would be: systemic, Gospel-based, standards-based, flexible, usable, and adaptable to the needs of individual schools. The principal’s committee also suggested the adoption of academic content standards and indicators for all grade levels, Pre-K – 12.”

The curriculum can be found on the diocesan website: