Foreign Languagesspanish class fun

The students at Holy Rosary have the unique opportunity to participate in one of the strongest Foreign Language programs in Memphis. 

Mrs. Antoinette Galler (French/Latin) and Mrs. Veronica Espin (Spanish) together have a combined total of 33 years teaching foreign languages. 

Our Foreign Language program begins with the students in Kindergarten where they have one semester of French and one semester of Spanish.  This continues until the students are in sixth grade where the concentration will be Latin for the full school year.  The middle school students have the opportunity to choose between French and Spanish for a two year focus in that language before high school. 

Our students enter high school with a strong background in foreign language which prepares them to easily fulfill this requirement in higher education.

Spanish, French & Latin

By applying lessons learned from other languages, students are given a much greater advantage in learning and in life at large.

Most roots of English words are derived from one of two other languages - Latin or Greek. Students who have had no exposure to these other languages have a harder time grasping the concepts of prefixes, suffixes, roots, and derivations in English.