What Our Parents Are SayingFr w kids

  "With the recent events unfolding in my old neighborhood in South St. Louis City, I have been reflecting on my children and our new home...Memphis.  We loved our Catholic grade school, St. Margaret of Scotland, located in the Shaw Neighborhood in South St. Louis City.  It is located in a historic community neighborhood.  St. Margaret's is the cornerstone of that great neighborhood.  The sense of family was very strong and we had a very diversified enrollment.  The children came from all ethnic, economic, and family backgrounds.  We got together for many of the same events that we participate in at Holy Rosary.  I was extremely involved with the school and was Vice President of our PTA.  When Brandon took his dream job at St. Jude, I was supportive but dreading the day we would leave our beloved parish and school community.
  God had other plans.  He placed us at Holy Rosary, and it has been a blessing.  Our children love their teachers and friends.  We feel accepted into the Holy Rosary family, and we are thankful.  This school has prepared our children for future possibilities.  The teachers, staff, parents, and even the youngest ones have taught our children respect for others, love, tolerance, and academic success. Jonah has told us on several occasions that he feels very prepared for CBHS.  He is doing great and he feels the support of that community as well.   Isaiah has great friends and likes to work ahead on assignments because he finds them interesting.  Griffin is always sharing his interest and excitement for math and science with us around the dinner table.  
  What I find most fulfilling about Holy Rosary is the care and interest shown by the older kids towards the younger ones.  With ages ranging from three to thirteen, they learn from each other.  It is so sweet to see them at mass together and even sweeter to see them walk in with their buddy on the last day of 8th grade.  When we get together at school soccer games, race day, or even at pick-up on a normal school day, you see this love for each other no matter what age. 
  We as parents have the great responsibility of teaching our children about God's love, respect for others, acceptance, and forgiveness.  Holy Rosary Catholic School teaches God's love, respect for others, acceptance and forgiveness.  I wouldn't have it any other way!"
  With much love and gratitude,
- Michelle Triplett, Interior Decorator and mother of two students attending Holy Rosary.

  "We believe that the success of our children and the reason that they have achieved so much is due in large part to their experiences at Holy Rosary and we never miss a chance to tell that to other people.  Our daughter, Katie, says that Holy Rosary taught her "how to learn"
- George and Diane Kuehl, had three children graduate from Holy Rosary.

  “Our daughters have been challenged academically by teachers that are nurturing, caring, and attentive to their own unique personalities.  The girls are involved in many (sometimes too many) extra-curricular activities that are helping develop leadership skills, teamwork, and cooperation amongst them and their peers.  In the meantime, the girls have been growing spiritually in their Catholic faith.  It’s nice knowing they attend mass twice a week and learn the fundamentals of our Catholic faith.  Holy Rosary is their home away from home and we are grateful that their school reinforces many of the same values we teach at home.”
- Chris Fay, Principal of CBHS and father of four students attending Holy Rosary.

  "Holy Rosary provides an education that’s superior.  A place where no one feels inferior, A place from which you never want to roam, Where students, teachers, parents and faculty are the best! I’m pleased to say we chose Holy Rosary over all the rest!"
- Katie Redeker, Homemaker and mother of three students attending Holy Rosary.

  "Rarely am I at a loss for words.  However, we thought we needed to write you so that Holy Rosary’s teachers and you are aware of our great appreciation.  I am writing today to express my wife, Diana’s, and my sincere gratitude for Holy Rosary Catholic School.  Connor and Hannah are now beginning their second year of education at Holy Rosary Catholic School.  The education, support, and love our children have experienced in their short time at the school have far exceeded our hopes and expectations.  Connor and Hannah have gained confidence in their abilities and are eager to learn new things.  They have also made many new friends, love and respect their teachers and look forward to school literally every morning.
  We believe that Holy Rosary Catholic School is also exceptional outside the classroom.  Connor and Hannah have already had positive experiences in the girl scouts, boy scouts, and baseball and soccer teams.  This week was really special as Connor read a scripture at the school Mass.  We are witnessing our children growing in their education, relationships and faith which mean so much to our family.  Our children are blessed to be receiving so many opportunities at Holy Rosary.
  Needless to say, we are excited about Connor and Hannah’s future at Holy Rosary Catholic School and we are equally excited about our participation as parents.  Holy Rosary Catholic School is making a lasting impression on our children that will benefit them for a lifetime."
- Mark Billingsley, Director at Methodist Healthcare Foundation and father of two attending Holy Rosary.