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Darren Mullis

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The Responsibility of a Dad for his Girls!

As I sit in my office working on budgets, answering emails or making phone calls I occasionally take time to stop and look at the pictures on my bulletin board. Most of the pictures are of my two wonderful daughters. I love to look at these pictures for many reasons. One of these reasons is that it reminds me of the tremendous responsibility that I have been given as a parent and as a parent of two girls. As they grow up I can’t help but think about what kind of boy they will like and be interested in. How will their relationship with me affect what they look for when they begin to date? How will my relationship with my wife affect the way they view their potential suitors? I hope they will see that respect is a large part of any relationship. I hope they will have an example of what a good husband is to his wife. It is never too early to begin teaching our children what we want them to know about life. They are certainly paying attention, even at those early ages. They watch how we drive, how we talk to others, how we respond to situations and how we entertain ourselves. If they learn from all of those situations don’t you think they will also be watching how mom and dad treat each other? I want my girls to grow up to be confident, outgoing women who will look for someone that respects them and treats them well. If I do not give them that example where will they learn what to look for? It is a big responsibility but it is one that I cherish everyday.

New Blog - Jan 10, 2013

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Resolutions - January 4, 2013

Every New Year we all make resolutions to better our lives.  Sometimes it is to get in shape, get healthy or to try something new.  Well, one of my resolutions is to try something new.  My new project is to blog.  As part of our updated school website we will have a Principal’s Blog.  I will have the opportunity to share my thoughts on different topics and you will have the chance to read them (lucky you).   Just like most resolutions this will be a tough task for me.  I do not consider myself a blogger or a writer for that matter.  This will certainly be something that I will have to work on and be disciplined about but it seems like a fun challenge.  So be sure to check out my blogs from time to time.  The topics will vary from classroom events, to thoughts on different parts of our education process, to some humorous insights.  You might even find some guest bloggers throughout the year. Anyway, here’s to keeping our New Year’s resolutions and making this the best year ever.

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